Patterned Concrete Repair – Hertfordshire. Don’t worry if your building contractor or services company has to dig up your driveway. We can repair patterned concrete without redoing the whole area again. Drive Revival offers a full repair and maintenance service for pattern imprinted concrete with nationwide coverage call 0800 587 8061 more details.

As one of the first to introduce pattern imprinted concrete technology to the UK nearly 30 years ago, we have a wealth of experience. Drive Revival now specialises in the repair, maintenance and reseal of pattern imprinted concrete drives, driveways, paving and patios.

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Transform your old patterned imprinted concrete driveway or patio to look like new again.

  • Pressure wash existing Pattern Imprinted Concrete area
  • Colour reseals with a non-slip additive
  • Clear reseal with a non-slip additive
  • Refit areas removed by the Gas Board
  • Refit areas removed by the Water Board
  • Refit areas removed by the Electric Board
  • Refit sections that your builder removed whilst building your extension
  • Repair chips and flaking
  • Clear crack control joints of growth and mastic

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0800 587 8061

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